Full Service Groom

Includes bath, blowout, nails, and cut to your specifications. All grooms include a sanitary trim and trim between the pads unless instructed otherwise 



Handstripping to breed standard unless instructed otherwise. Nails, sanitary, pad trim included. Bath and blowout not included but can be added at an additional cost.


Bath and blowout. Nails, sanitary and pad trim included. Face and foot trim can be added at an additional cost.


 Add on Services

Tooth brushing, nail trims for other dogs in the house hold can be added to any service but need to be booked with the initial appointment due to how scheduling works.



 How It Works 

All groom are done at the clients apartment. Depending on the type of dog you have, grooming is typically done on a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room counter. Bath in kitchen sink, bath tub, or laundry room sink. If counter space is limited a sink can be covered with a cutting board or another similarly shaped item. I also recommend getting a yoga mat and cutting it to fit on the counter for the grooming so your pet does not slip around for grooming but it is not required. Some apartment buildings have dog grooming facilities that your dog can be groomed in, as long as there is a table provided, or counter space for grooming. Owners do not need to be home for the grooming but if you are home I ask that you are quiet in another room for the entirety grooming. I am working with sharp tools, so the less distractions for groomer and your pet, the safer it is and the better the haircut! If you have any other questions, please email me at