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Hannah is hands down the best groomer for hand stripping in NYC. Hannah has been grooming Lexington for 6 years and we constantly get stopped by other griff owners asking who our groomer is. We wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone. Before Hannah Lexington would shake and refuse to go to the groomer but with Hannah’s in-home services there is no stress or anxiety and Lexington basically just falls asleep. Hannah also listens to how the owner would like the handstrip to look (even if it’s not the “breed standard cut”) which as many NYC dog owners are probably aware rarely happens!
— Julie Clark
My yorkie Johnny has never looked better. Hannah knows dogs, their personalities and how to make them at ease, while getting them to look their best. I used to dread grooming day, Johnny shaking as I brought him in, shaking for hours in a crate while he waited for his turn. Never again. Grooming day is now a pleasure. He looks great, I feel great and he’s always excited to see Hannah. What would I do without you? Thank you!
— Janice Kirkwood
Concierge dog grooming at its best! I never thought dog grooming could be considered an art form until Hannah cut my shaggy shih tzu’s hair. Hannah has been styling my dog’s hair since he was 10 months old. Unlike some groomers who just zip the hair off of dogs as if they were shearing sheep, Hannah is meticulous and thoughtful in her approach to grooming. Somehow, she is able to match my dog’s ‘do to his personality and allow his inner essence glow.

While Hannah is an amazing artist when it comes to cutting and styling my dog’s hair, what is most important to me is that my dog absolutely adores Hannah and leaps into her arms when she comes over. She doesn’t use restraints like some groomers do, but seems to be able to control my otherwise uncontrollable dog and still manage to give him a spectacular ‘do.

If you want your dog to have a pleasant grooming experience and have him look like a million bucks afterwards, I highly recommend Hannah!
— Amy Chung
My dogs are professional entertainers so their grooming is very important. There is no one that we trust more than Hannah. She understands a dogs style and fur more than anyone we have ever worked with.
— Katie Sturino


MY Goal

I want to give your dog a haircut that works for you and your life, while bringing out each dogs unique personality. Choosing to have your pet groomed at home is not only about convenience but about having the least amount of stress possible. By being in a familiar place, without new smells, strange dogs barking, the stimulus of people moving in and out of a salon, I am able to keep a calm, tranquil environment for your dogs groom. Ultimately, I want you and your pet to feel good about the whole grooming experience!



About Me


I have over 18 years experience grooming dogs professionally. I started apprenticing professionals at dog shows in my early teens and worked in the industry for a few years. It wasn’t for me so I turned to grooming pets. I find it to be a more rewarding and a better creative outlet. For me, haircuts are not only functional, but a way to showcase your dogs personality through their aesthetic. My years of experience also give me an innate understanding of dog behavior and communication. This helps me to make your pet feel most at ease during grooming.